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"Go learn HTML."

That's what my father told me after I graduated high school. He worked with technology, and he knew how important it would become.

So, I went to Barnes & Noble and browsed books on HTML. I saw that HTML 4 had just come out, so I decided to learn that.

Now, with over 15 years of experience in UX design, UX strategy, and Web design, I'm grateful to my father for the advice. I've built Web sites for Verizon, and I've been the Web designer for a pharmaceutical-industry trade group. I've built many, many Web sites for freelance clients. I have an MS degree from the Experience Design program at the Brandcenter (part of Virginia Commonwealth University).

Outside Interests

In a scary movie or book, when the protagonist opens the door to the dark basement and slowly walks down the creaky steps, I start smiling—not because something bad might happen to him or her, but because the audience is getting excited by the story. I love making things that affect people. So, I've recently been studying story structure, cinematography, suspense, mystery writing, and children's literature.